Wild Cards Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

Amsterdam Art applauds new talent, young artists, and fresh initiatives. We have awarded Wild Cards to two young initiatives in Amsterdam that sell art and reach a young, new audience, whether in traditional gallery style or in innovative ways. These have been carefully selected by our invitation committee on the grounds of their growth potential, the joy and enthusiasm they spark, and their benefits for the art world. The Wild Card galleries will be closely involved in Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend.

The Wild Cards have been given to GoMulan Gallery and Multiplemadé. 

We want to congratulate these young galleries and wish them all the best in their journey. We would like to invite our audience to visit them, and help to stimulate a vibrant art market. 

“My wish is to provide affordable art for everyone who is curious to own or to collect. I want to show good art from talented artists that doesn’t cost over €10,000. We’re wild about the wildcard, as it’s an opportunity to showcase the work of Duran Lantink and Paul Kooiker to an even wilder, younger, older and newer audience of art lovers.” 

─ Multiplemadé 

“Participating in Amsterdam Art Weekend is a beautiful way to collaborate with galleries in a shared format. Working together and opening up to new buyers is crucial if galleries are to survive. I want to create a platform to introduce as-yet unknown artists to young collectors. Amsterdam Art Weekend is a very important part of this.”

─ GoMulan

For more information about the two exhibitions, please go to pages GoMulan of MultipleMadé