Art comes first. W139 is a development-oriented art resource that wants to inspire the world. A source continuously working on optimal conditions for our basic need to create and explore. Entrance is free or pay what you want.

Artist-run program
Currently self-organised groups of artists are working on presentations for the space located in the Warmoesstraat, in the centre of Amsterdam. Each group embraces the principles of W139 and is actively working on W139's ambition to present worlds which one has never seen or experienced. W139 explores the unknown, valuing the freedom not to know. In developing site specific presentations the groups are challenged to play a key and initiating role in amongst others the following areas of attention: moving beyond self-promotion, making sensitive, sensory and inclusive spaces, and generating wealth. With W139 as epicenter, each group has its own journey and each group generates its own waves of energy. W139's artist-run program will take from now until 2016 at least.

Artist-run space
Art comes first. Not routine. This is key in W139's mental architecture as well as in its physical architecture. W139 runs primarily on the ambition and energy of artists thus is primarily organised as an artist-run space.

Martijn van Boven (artist)
Irene Fortuyn (artist)
Monique van der Poel
Bart Stuart (artist, chairman)
Judith Witteman (artist)

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Warmoesstraat 139,

1012 JB ,


+31 (0)20 6229434,

info@w139.nl ,


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Mon - Sun / 12-18 hrs
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