Florence Parot and Dajo Bodisco, founders of ISO believe in bringing together different disciplines in a largely open shared space (industrial warehouse).

On top of offering a stimulating work environment (ateliers and workshop), ISO, through an international exhibition program and an artist residence, gives a stage for both internal and external artists, local and international, to present their work and find their audience in Amsterdam.

Ateliers & workshop
Around twenty-five studios are located in the warehouse. It’s an open social architecture, with many common shared spaces and facilities that create an interaction between individual users. This open plot is multifunctional and can be seen as an agora, with a large space for exhibitions, workshops and discussions.

The residence program provides on-site accommodation, as access to the warehouse and workshop; artists can fully dedicate themselves to art projects. ISO expresses special interest in proposals that attempt to introduce a sense of material and are in line with experimental spirit. To this aim, the residence engages promising artists who are focusing on installation and sculpture (incorporating audiovisual, digital and performance) to spend six months in Amsterdam.

Exhibition space
The modular exhibition space (from 100 to 500 square meters) wishes to be the place where art, design and craft are closely intertwined. The works, which will be shown, are predominantly constructed in situ. Large and smaller exhibitions are held at the location continuously. Our exhibition space does not aim to be an oasis. Our presentation is in motion and unpolished, like the world outside of the museum walls. You will find a refreshing path to look at contemporary art, with in the background: work in the making.

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Isolatorweg 17,

1014 AS,


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Open during exhibitions Tue – Sat 14-18 hrs and by appointment
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