Corridor Project Space

As Corridor Project Space we are an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative in Amsterdam with its own indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces.

We believe in the importance of experimental art practices which focus on the creation of new content and new production which are off grid from the institutional and commercial circles. Therefore we initiate projects where artists, writers, curators, activists and theorists can meet, think and work on projects together with the aim to blend their practices and cultures. We want to make it possible for artists to work together create new projects and expand towards potential encounters. Our belief is that it is necessary to give the artists, collaborators and visitors a safe space where they can express their own concerns, expectations and hopes. 
What identifies our initiative is that together with creating space for duo and collective art exhibitions; we also organise dinners, talks, screenings, lectures to make space for conversation and new interactions. The social aspect of our events make it possible for an international working platform where artists, writers and mediators from Dutch arts and international hubs get to know each other.
Inclusivity is one of our main focusing points. We do so by including in our collaborations art professionals from all nations, genders, abilities and stages. Not only we include a variety of collaborators but we also convey an openness where artists, curators may propose and make use of the space by their own initiation.
Our team itself is composed internationally and we have special connection with Turkey based artists. This inclusivity goes beyond the artists and professionals we work with, and applies also to the audience and visitors we want to attract. In our public communications, promotion and invitations we convey a receptive language. We intentionally seek a variety of artistic perspectives, differentiation and critical approaches. We create and annual program and draw curatorial directions while leaving the development of each exhibition experimental and flexible. During the making of each project we create a fluent dialogue between the artists, writers or any collaborators and support them as much as we can practically, intellectually, economically.

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Veemkade 574,

1019 BL,


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Thu - Sat / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)
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