Torch Gallery was established in 1984 by Adriaan van der Have, as a stage for Dutch and international contemporary art. Van der Have was an early believer in the potential of photography as high art and continued to take risks regarding new ways of expression, making him a pioneer promoter of photography, veejay-art and finally digital image editing as respectable forms of contemporary art. Now his son Mo van der Have continues the legacy.

Functioning as a springboard for emerging Dutch artists, Torch was the starting point for internationally renowned artists like Anton Corbijn and Inez van Lamsweerde. By keeping a keen eye on developments in the art world, the gallery was one of the first to attend many of today's leading art fairs. This approach has put many emerging Dutch artists into an international spotlight and has given the gallery a broad network of collectors, artists and curators. Besides promoting talent from the Netherlands, Torch also brings promising international artists into the limelight. Anthony Goicolea, Loretta Lux and Terry Rodgers are some of the names introduced into the Dutch and European art scene by Torch gallery.
It is hard to qualify what makes a typical Torch artist, but themes like identity, sensuality, nature and escape from reality are recurring, as is the occasional clash with the boundaries of good taste. Torch thereby aims to continue lighting the way for the artists of tomorrow.
Artists: TINKEBELL, Philip Akkerman, Susan Anderson, Eelco Brand, Edward Burtynsky, Gary Carsley, Popel Coumou, MC de Waal, Wouter Deruytter, Rowena Dring, Eldon Garnet, Line Gulsett, Teun Hocks, Twan Janssen, Anya Janssen, Nadav Kander, Ellen Kooi, Nynke Koster, Loretta Lux, Justin McAllister, Sandro Miller, Abel Minee, Terry Rodgers, Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Doug and Mike Starn, Louise te Poele, Gerald van der Kaap, Ashley Zelinskie, Thijs Zweers, Carolus, Casper Braat, Sander Dekker, Annie Sprinkle & Elisabeth Stephens, Raul Marroquin, Martin Roemers

Image: Bouwe Jan Swart

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