Announcement: Amsterdam Art Week 2021

Published March 8 2021
Save the date: Amsterdam Art Week 2021

Amsterdam Art is pleased to announce that the annual Amsterdam Art Weekend will be postponed once to June and will be extended to an Art Week.
Since 2011, Amsterdam Art has been committed to strengthening Amsterdam's position as a leading center for contemporary art. This reaches its pinnacle during the annual Amsterdam Art Weekend. For a weekend, the city is buzzing with exhibitions, performances, screenings, debates, gallery tours and open studios. Art professionals and art enthusiasts from all over the country and the world come together and connect.
In 2021, Amsterdam Art Week will take place together with the Rijksakademie OPEN from 17 to 27 June.
The plan to extend the weekend into an Art Week had been around for some time. The decision of the Rijksakademie to move their annual Open Studios to June and extend it to 10 days has made us decide to run parallel to this. The Rijksakademie has been the most important partner of Amsterdam Art since the very beginning. The Open Studios, where the residents open their studios to the public, are therefore an essential part of our program.
Also in view of the current covid-19 measures, it was decided this year to realize the extension to a full week. The extension ensures that, together with the galleries, museums, residencies and project spaces, we have more time and space for tailor-made programs for all art lovers; from professionals to the general public. During the Art Week, the participating galleries present new exhibitions and show special collaborations with internationally emerging artists.
We believe it is very important to strengthen the contemporary art scene in these challenging times and trust that we will be able to offer an inspiring program in June that will put the Amsterdam contemporary art world in the spotlight.
In 2022, Amsterdam Art will celebrate its 10th anniversary and the Amsterdam Art Week will take place in the originally planned period of April. The exact dates will be announced later this year.



More information about the programme will follow soon.

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