Amsterdam Art x Stedelijk Museum LIVE

Published November 25 2020

Amsterdam Art and the Stedelijk Museum come together this week for all-inclusive online coverage of the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend. Stuck at home? We have you covered! From the 27th to the 29th of November, join us on YouTube where we’ll leave no stone unturned, going behind the scenes to talk with exhibition curators, artists and content creators. We’ll be stopping by participating galleries and institutions for interviews with all those helping make Amsterdams unique art ecosystem a reality. Artists performances, art films and fascinating talks that you might otherwise have missed due to coronavirus restrictions will be available live, so you won’t miss a beat, staying safe from the comfort of your home. Together we press the greatest works of art within our city!

Online streaming program
Friday Program and Schedule start at 19:00 hrs
Saturday Program and Schedule start at 13:00 hrs
Sunday Program and Schedule start at 12:00 hrs

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