Art Routes Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

Published November 18 2020


Freedom is both the ambition and mission of many artists living and passed. Some artists only discover it later in life, after they have so acutely mastered their craft there is no separation between mind and medium. Some artists use art to transcend boundaries, of how we inhabit the world or experience a work of art. How are we limited by our human perceptions? How can we challenge the unwritten rules of the exhibition space? Moreover, how can we navigate all these fluctuating understandings of life on earth? Here you can discover unconventional creative techniques and their unique results.

Galleries: AKINCI, Borzo Gallery, Flatland, GoMulan , 1, 5, 8, 12


Humankind has long dominated, challenged and domesticated nature. But how do we even define it? Is it a distinct entity, separate from ourselves? Nature is often associated with the divine, a place of both threat and healing, of pleasure and suffering. Nature is constantly shifting as our relationship with it evolves, in a constant battle between preservation and loss. Aspects of it are now confined exclusively to memory, lost to history. Are we just matter? All that we observe and create: forms, colors and structures are all composed of atoms and particles? Where do we draw the line between us and the world around?

Galleries: Stevenson, Ellen de Bruijne, Ron Mandos, Upstream, 21, 7, 15, 25 


Collage comes from the French word to glue or assemble various diverse materials and/or images into a single work. As such, can anything be a collage? Is collage merely the assembly of sewn together materials that would otherwise be confined to terms such as paintings, ceramic or fabric. Because of this there is an infinite versatility to collage and consequently there are limitless discoveries to be made. Collage can be quiet and subtle, you may not even notice the material diversity of the work at hand. It may be noisy and self-evident, reminiscent of the chaos we experience in modernity. Because of this you can see artists of all eras deciding not to settle in one medium, but to challenge the boundaries of terminology, driven by a curiosity to combine.

Galleries: Andriesse Eyck, Caroline O’Breen, Van Gelder, Reflex, Torch , 3, 6, 9, 19, 24

History and society

Art is a distillation of culture, the pulse of the era. Because of this, it often acts as a cross-section, x-ray or window into a time, where you can feel the temperature and witness life and politics unfolding before you. Nothing exists in a vacuum, works produced today are inevitable often intentionally inspired or rooted in history. Likewise, the world around the artist does not exist in a vacuum, there is much to challenge, to dissect and disassemble. What remnants of history continue to effect our lives and how do we challenge them if they no longer serve us? Who have we forgotten that deserve to be remembered?

Galleries: tegenboschvanvreden, Fons Welters, MultipleMadé, Lumen Travo, Onrust, 23, 26, 17, 14, 18


Color is something we have come to understand as universally understood. But individually and culturally there are no guarantees when it comes to how we experience it. Artists often search for something precise that lives in their imagination, combinations of colour that capture the essence of a thought, mood or image. What have artists discovered along their investigations? How do they create depth, space and distance in their colorful choreography? What relationship does color have to pop-culture and architecture? And how do we as an audience relate to the decisions they have made?

Galleries: Slewe, Albada Jelgersma, Gerard Hofland, Grimm B, The Merchant House, 20, 2, 13, 11a, 16


Painting binds both surface and image in flux. Texture, patina and impasto all demonstrate how painting can often become sculptural in nature. These aspects can reveal a presence or absence of an author. Some artists give themselves away, leaving remnants of their actions in the marks they make or stylistic signatures. In this way painting goes beyond representation, belonging in a network of the history of itself. It lives within a world of photography, media, sculpture. The images within carry with them not just a replication of a reality but the subjectivity of the author.

Galleries: Galerie Bart, Grimm K, StigtervanDoesburg, Annet Gelink, 4, 11b, 22, 10


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