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Maxime Brigou, Coup d'oeil 6, 2020

The exhibition Ik alleen, heb meer herinneringen (I, alone, have more memories) features a new series of sculptures by Maxime Brigou (b. Belgium, 1992), embodying her fascination with time. These constantly shift their shape, from seemingly flat to immeasurably deep. In daylight, they reflect the hours as they flash by and stretch endlessly in a state of flux.

Balancing act

Unpredictability, impulsivity and intuition are at the core of Brigou’s artistic practice. The search for suitable forms begins by switching off rationality. She begins without sketching or otherwise preparing, treading a fine balance between order and chaos, the material leading the way. She constructs her sculptures with a range of materials that she collects in her studio: rubble from old work, canvas, plastic, and thick layers of oil paint: 

Although Brigou focuses on sculptures and installations, her past as a painter can be seen in her distinctive steel frames and use of painterly techniques and materials. By working with a frame, she creates boundaries within which she can freely operate, leaving the rest of the world behind. Though already experimenting with texture, light and spatiality on two-dimensional surfaces, sculpture enabled her to escape the limitations of painting, and she now uses layers of oil paint to develop three-dimensional structures. By employing classic techniques like chiaroscuro, the changing light creates a dramatic effect: though the works are only about two centimeters thick, they appear to contain enormous angular objects or mountainous landscapes of unfathomable magnitude.

All of the works on display at De Brakke Grond were made in the past year, during which many aspects of life were forced to a halt. Time seemed to follow none of the usual rules: sometimes dragging cruelly by, at other times flying as we became fixated on the future. 


This game of time is a key component of Brigou’s artistic practice. The term Coup d’oeil, as the sculptures are titled, means glance or glimpse, and denotes the fleeting, shifting time-space of the works, only ever a glimmer of the whole. What they disclose of themselves depends on your movement in relation to the light. Something will always elude your gaze. The sculptures invite you to inspect them carefully: the longer you’re able to stay still, the more you’ll see.

De Brakke Grond’s fortieth anniversary

This exhibition marks the beginning of a year of celebrations for De Brakke Grond’s fortieth anniversary. We asked Berlinde De Bruyckere, who previously exhibited at De Brakke Grond, to pass the torch on to an up-and-coming talent for the exhibition. She nominated an artist who stood out to her on the Flemish scene: Maxime Brigou. In doing so, we connect the rich history of De Brakke Grond to a new generation of artists and build the future with them. De Brakke Grond curated the exhibition in collaboration with Brigou.

Ik alleen, heb meer herinneringen (I, alone, have more memories)

Maxime Brigou (BE, 1992)

  • Thursday 17 June 18:00–20:00
  • Opening
  • Maxime Brigou: Ik alleen, heb meer herinneringen

  • Sunday 20 June 13:30–14:30
  • Conversation
  • Artist Talk Maxime Brigou and Peter Buggenhout