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Bruce Nauman, The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign)

Bruce Nauman

The Stedelijk Museum presents a large-scale overview of the American artist Bruce Nauman (1941) in collaboration with Tate Modern. This exhibition spans a period of more than fifty years and is the first large-scale retrospective of Bruce Nauman in the Netherlands.

Throughout his career, Nauman has relentlessly challenged the possibilities of what art may be, and directly confronts viewers with their own physical and mental presence. The exhibition is a non-chronological journey through Nauman’s multifaceted oeuvre, and allows visitors to experience his sculptures, neon works, films, video works, sound recordings, text and works on paper, highlighting themes the artist endlessly revisits. Nauman’s work has been extensively collected in the Netherlands, and the exhibition at the Stedelijk will be supplemented with work by the artist from Dutch collections.


Also on view: the single-channel video installation SaF05 by Turner Prize winner Charlotte Prodger, who is regarded as one of today’s most original time-based media artists. Presented in partnership with If I Can’t Dance.

Bruce Nauman / SaF05

Bruce Nauman (US, 1941), Charlotte Prodger (GB, 1974)

  • Saturday 26 June 12:00–14:00
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  • Bruce Nauman by Rein Wolfs + Leontine Coelewijn