Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21

For the fourth time in its twelve-year history, Kunstverein is hosting Salon Hang, an exuberant group exhibition showcasing an abundance of local and international talent. These events hark back to the infamous salons of the past, referencing a novel exhibition format that often wrote history, while also adapting this format to our contemporary needs. With it, they highlight the practices of individuals who back them: their members, a multi-voiced community of thinkers and makers. Expect the lofty and the low, the known and the obscure, all shar- ing the same (figurative) bed.

This exhibition is hosted by SWEETS Hotel. Some of the works in the exhibition are available for purchase.

Salon Hang 24/7

a.o: Adam Pendleton, Alex Balgiu, Alexis Blake, Alina Lupu, Barbara Visser, Bart de Baets, Bruno Zhu, Carl Johan Högberg, Charlott Markus, Claes Storm, David Bernstein, Dean Allen Spunt, gerlach en koop, Hreinn Fridfindson, Ian F Svenonius, Ilke Gers, Jacob Dwyer (standing in for Frits Bergsma), Jennifer Tee, Jessica Warboys, Justina Nekrašaitė, Kasper Bosmans, Katja Mater, Laurent-David Garnier, Lisa Oppenheim, Mai Spring, Marja Bloem/Berend Strik, Marja van Putten, Mathew Kneebone, Matthew Lutz- Kinnoy, Melissa Gordon, Niels Staal, Olivier LeBrun, Pat O’Neill (standing in for Aveline de Bruin), Pilar Mata Dupont, Robert Wilhite, Sever- in Bunse, Smári Róbertsson, Suzanne Wallinga, Zapp Magazine.