Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21

Philip Zrenner, Untitled,2019, 0,90 x 1,20 m, Firehoses, screws, wood.

This exhibition is a collective approach towards the different disciplines of the art world, exploring the importance of context to interdisciplinary techniques. The artists stage reality and question both images and material, each manipulating what they see from their own unique artistic and national background.

Philipp Zrenner (b. Germany, 1995) is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of sculpture and painting. He began studying media arts in 2015 . His art repeatedly takes things out of their urban contexts and puts them into new scenarios.

Geraldo dos Santos (b. Brazil, 1993) deals with dreams and memories in a narrative way. He depicts the mundane things that surround us – the things that are, connected to certain images, or objects, or places, might represent one’s own subconscious being, or it might trigger melancholic mental spaces. Santos is interested in addressing the viewers’ personal memories by corrupting their readings with his images – challenging them to make use of their own experiences. His large scale paintings display compositions of parts of found momentums, and aim at provoking a glitch in the viewer’s consciousness. With a palette that undoubtedly qualifies as attractive colors, and an image that qualifies as vulnerable, or maybe even tormented, a contrast is established that functions as a barrier between dimensions. His work aims at having the capacity to make viewers reinvent their own memories within circumstances of familiarity.

Marjolein Witte (b. Netherlands, 1979), is a painter and installation artist. Her works stem from an interest in framing space and applying rules to our environment, and territorial behaviour and the relationship between humans and nature are recurring themes in her oeuvre. She explores our self-constructed reality through architecture, spatial planning and the many different forms that we use to guide ourselves through the world. Within the different media, Witte uses colour, shape, contrast, size and space as symbolic acts. 


Philipp Zrenner (DE, 1995), Geraldo dos Santos (BR, 1993), Marjolein Witte (NL, 1979), Bart Stolle (BE, 1974)