Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21

Works by Katarina Juričić, Sanne Maloe Slecht and Eirik Jahnsen.

How to See the Sea – Katarina Juričić

Katarina Juričić is an artist and researcher on photography. How to See the Sea is her new body of work, following her fascination with the oceans and our biological inability to be truly human underwater, since we cannot behave there as we normally do. Regardless of all the technology that enables us to experience it, our knowledge of the underwater universe is still limited. The sea remains the most under-explored part of our planet, veiled in mystery.

Play Doh’s Cave – Sanne Maloe Slecht

Sanne Maloe Slecht’s paintings are two- and three-dimensional. She paints in a witty style, in which abstraction and figuration go hand in hand. By taking parts of our reality and assembling them into something new, Sanne creates her own alternative reality. With her three-dimensional paintings, she falls back on a tradition of common materials such as chicken wire, plaster, papier-mâché and wood to create the shapes she wants. Her studio feels like the set of a bad science-fiction movie, in which props, and the paintings riddled with portals, form the backdrop. She calls this approach ‘low-fi sci-fi.’

Overflowing Overgrowth – garden group exhibition

A garden has many facets. Plants and trees flourish, animals make it their habitat, and structures deteriorate in the sun and rain. It is a tiny piece of nature influenced by and in dialogue with its maker. These primal themes form the common ground on which the four artists in this exhibition build their work. Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia, Tanja Smeets, Natasha Rijkhoff, and Eirik Jahnsen present their own ways of perceiving reality and the outdoors, inviting you to step outside in Galerie Bart’s first garden exhibition.


How To See The Sea, Katarina Juričić (HR, 1994) | PLAY DOH’S CAVE, Sanne Maloe Slecht (NL, 1987) | OVERFLOWING OVERGROWTH garden group exhibition - Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia (TG, 1989), Tanja Smeets (NL, 1963), Natasha Ri- jkhoff (NL, 1994), Eirik Jahnsen (NO, 1985)

  • Sunday 20 June 14:30–15:30
  • Conversation
  • Artist Talk Sanne Maloe Slecht and Katarina Juričić

  • Saturday 26 June 13:30–15:30
  • Workshop
  • Katarina Juričić