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Taking Stock – Series of Still Life Drawings

A Funeral For Street Culture

A Funeral For Street Culture is a project conceived by Metro54 and Rita Ouédraogo. Taking over the space of Framer Framed, the multi-disciplinary programme critically explores the influence, and potential death, of street culture once it is extracted by the mainstream.
A Funeral for Street Culture digs deep into the world and sorrows of contemporary street culture, its influencers,
shape-shifters and failures. For the past decades street culture has been a global mode of cultural expression,
rebellion, hijacking – transforming elements of cultures, art and design, creating something new, owned by the
communities– from whom it originated. Together with artists, poets, designers, thinkers and hustlers, Metro54
and Rita Ouédrago look into these questions and explore the ways street culture both interweaves with and
departs from design, performativity, queerness, fashion, activism and cultural appreciation. A Funeral for Street
 is a critical celebration of street culture and takes the shape of installations, performances, conversations, mournings and workshops.

Taking Stock

The Taking Stock exhibition provides a glimpse into the project of the same name, centred on the resistance of
cultural institutes in times of crisis. At the heart of the project lies the closure and subsequent transformation in
2020 of the iconic Townhouse Gallery in Cairo.
Early last year, Taking Stock hosted a series of interactive still-life drawing sessions in the former Townhouse
Factory Space, bringing together Cairo’s arts community to draw material objects that remained of the
Townhouse Gallery, and reflect upon the social, economic and political situation in downtown Cairo and the
cultural scene in Egypt at large.
A large part of the artists’ work on this project engaged with a broader discourse on institutional critique, and on
independent arts institutions in the Middle East and beyond. The intimate and informal conversations that
accompanied the drawing sessions were recorded, transcribed, coded, and incorporated into a website. 
The exhibition consists of an installation displaying the collection of 130 drawings by project participants, and a
projection of the Taking Stock website, which contains extensive research on the Townhouse.
Taking Stock has shed light on a series of social, political and economic events that undermined the
Townhouse’s very precarious situation, and eventually led to its fall. As artists and cultural institutions all over
the world struggle to keep their heads above water, Taking Stock felt the need to connect with institutes that
face a similar threat of closure, and will set up three online meetings with them to join forces and share their
research on the Townhouse. 
Participants will then write critical analyses and proposals for institutional solutions on topics such as the
economy, archiving, censorship, locality, global positioning, transparency, and inclusivity. These will be made
available in the form of an online publication

Taking Stock/ A Funeral For Streetculture

A.o. Mariam Elnozahy (EG/US, 1994), Wouter Osterholt (NL, 1979) Elke Uitentuis (NL, 1977), Metro54, Rita Ouédrago.

  • Sunday 20 June 16:00–18:00
  • Book launch
  • Errant Journal #2, Slow Violence