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The series Monuments reflects a relationship between technological evolution and climate change. Mandry uses two different media to reflect this relationship: lithographs on geotextiles, and photograms. 


Fascinated by the juxtaposition of the natural and the mechanical, Mandry travelled deep into the Swiss Alps, collecting geotextile ‘glacier blankets’ developed in Switzerland as an attempt to protect the ice and slow the unavoidable process of disappearance. These had spent a season on the ice.

He then transferred early twentieth-century amateur images of glaciers onto the pieces of geotextile. Through the ancient process of lithography, he created a double-exposure phenomenon: the images, fading memories of the golden age of Swiss tourism, become part of a high-tech attempt to preserve a past that longer exists. 


While in the mountains, Mandry inserted blocks of ice into a self-built large-format wooden camera containing light-sensitive colored paper. He used specific aperture shutters to expose the ice directly onto the paper as it melted, and developed this in a darkroom, sometimes several days later, to record the process of disappearance photographically.

By using physical materials and printing methods, Mandry examines the notions of tangibility and permanence. In constant dialogue with his camera, subject, and surroundings, he opens up new ways of engaging with the world.

The Monuments series earned Douglas Mandry one of the most prestigious distinctions for young photographers: the Foam Museum of Photography in Amsterdam named him as one of the twenty most promising talents of 2020.

Mandry’s work is now on display in various museums, including Foam and Kunstmuseum Wien. It was shown in a touring exhibition entitled Foam Talent 2020 in Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam, and in group shows at international fairs such as Photo London, Photo Basel, and Unseen Photo Fair. Mandry came back to Amsterdam in April 2021, and opened a solo exhibition at the Amsterdam Art Gallery at Capital C. This was made possible through a collaboration with Amsterdam Art and Bildhalle. 


Douglas Mandry (CH, 1989)

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