Amsterdam Art

Amsterdam Art is a non-profit umbrella organisation for the contemporary visual arts. It initiates and realizes collaborations between various cultural parties and promotes their exhibition programs throughout the year. Via the website, biweekly newsletter, the Amsterdam Art Calendar and social media, contemporary art enthusiasts can stay up to date about openings and events taking place all over town. Once a year at the end of November, Amsterdam Art organizes Amsterdam Art Weekend, a four day event that brings together the best of what the city's contemporary visual art scene has to offer. The next Amsterdam Art Weekend will take place from the 22nd - 25th of November 2018.

Amsterdam Art Weekend

In an extensive program with over 100 exhibitions, performances, screenings, and debates, more than 50 of Amsterdam’s cutting-edge contemporary art venues showcase the newest developments in contemporary art. The city’s diverse network of galleries, project spaces, art institutions, and residency programs attracts art professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world, turning Amsterdam into an international art hub. Carefully designed programs offer something for all levels of knowledge and areas of expertise; next, to a broad public program, the Professionals program specifically invites national and international art professionals to discover new talent and to expand their networks.