Screening: The LIMA Collection: New Work

20 February at LIMA
Zeno van den Broek, María Molina Peiró, Donna Verheijden, Arthur Kleinjan and Daniel Jacoby

On February 20, LIMA proudly presents new works by Zeno van den Broek, María Molina Peiró, Donna Verheijden, Arthur Kleinjan and Daniel Jacoby. Paranon by Zeno van den Broek will be exhibited in LIMA's gallery space in the basement of LAB111 (opening at 8 pm). The works of Maria Molina Peiró, Donna Verheijden, Arthur Kleinjan and Daniel Jacoby that premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 are screened in Cinema 1 of LAB111 with the artists present (screening starts at 9 pm).

The LIMA Collection: New Work
Wednesday February 20
Opening: Zeno van den Broek, Paranon at 8 pm
Screening The LIMA Collection: New Work at 9 pm
LIMA, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam
Entrance: € 7,50 / 5,-
Free entrance with Cineville
Language: English

Zeno van den Broek - Paranon (NL, 2018)
Paranon revolves around the idea of juxtapositioning fundamental elements of sound and image. This process is executed by manipulating various parameters in canon structures: The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a movement after a given duration. The custom programmed sine wave generators Zeno van den Broek uses for the sound on Paranon make it possible to manipulate parameters such interference and phase shifting with great precision. These sine waves find their visual companion in lines, grids and cubes of which parameters such as distance and rotation slowly develop. The method of the canon creates tension and unexpected, yet cherished, results between the initial element and the imitations that follow. Van den Broek is fascinated by how the interference that occurs in image and sound manipulate our senses and perception of spatiality in the flat surface of the screen in relation to the sound waves that occupy the space.

Maria Molina Peiró – The Sasha (NL, 2019)
On 1972 the astronaut Charles Duke landed on the Moon on the Apollo XVI. He was in charge of taking photos of the lunar surface with a high-resolution camera. ‘The Sasha’ is a story about the human perspective on Earth and our constant struggle with our temporal and spatial limitations. From the exploration of space to cyberspace, from an analogue Moon in 1972 to a virtual Moon in Google Earth today. A film about parallel universes where eternity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.

Donna Verheijden - Kiss the Sky – Eye Trick the I (NL/CO, 2019)
A feast for the eye, this essay on trompe-l’oeil, deception, privileges, seductions and false freedoms. The façade of public life hides the private lives of individuals and hidden agendas. We develop new skills to test our happiness in the non-stop flow of images and information. How to live in the post-privacy age?

Arthur Kleinjan - ABOVE US ONLY SKY (NL, 2019)
In the flm Above Us Only Sky, a narrator leads the viewer into a magical-realist history that is bereft of fabrication. His story begins with an investigation into a plane crash in communist Czechoslovakia, which one woman survived after an unlikely fall from the air. This event becomes the point of entry to a dense web of seemingly unrelated events that appear to be deeply entangled. Kleinjan plays an intelligent game with the surreal logic of chance, the repetition of events, and synchronicity. Above Us Only Sky blurs the boundaries that separate the viewer from the past through a present that shifts and fluctuates between reality, imagination and speculation.

Daniel Jacoby, Nehemias (NL/PE, 2019)
Daniel Jacoby’s latest film is an atmospheric portrait of Christian, a young man from the city who finds himself an outsider in his new home, a poor village called Cocachimba in the jungle of Peru. Fragments from colourful Cubist paintings playfully interrupt the image while the camera shows nature in ever-flowing motion. Sitting on a rock, Christian philosophises about his newfound situation and recalls being visited by a mythical ‘devil’ in the dark of the night.

Image: Donna Verheijden, Kiss the Sky – Eye Trick the I, 2019

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