Nail house - Leonard van Munster

Marian van Zijll Langhout

16 March - 27 April at Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art
VZL / Contemporary art is pleased to announce the exhibition 'Nail house' by Leonard van Munster. In the middle of the undeveloped site next to the gallery, Van Munster has realised a site specific work. It seems as if a resident has refused to leave and that the construction site around this house has already been excavated. This work represents a form of protest and resistance, but also portrays a form of desire. The work is inspired by people in China who do not want to give way to the plans of a project developer. In the evening, light is lit from behind the curtains and the laundry blows in the wind. The whole is built on a fraction of the actual size. A size that is confusing: just too big to be unbelievable and just too small for the real joy .... The 'Nail house' is these days on view day and night . In the gallery we show a presentation of the Biotoop-project which Van Munster will realize in Nieuw West. There are also photos of his destroyed artworks and works that will soon be destroyed by the municipality
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Brouwersgracht 161,

1015 GG,


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15.59 - 19 hrs

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