Live performance - Ryodi Ikeda (sold out)

23 November at Eye Filmmuseum
Ryoji Ikeda

Live audiovisual concert by Ryoji Ikeda about the ways in which data shape our understanding of the world. The hypnotic work meanders between nature, science and philosophy, and crosses the boundaries between the real and the virtual. In collaboration with Amsterdam Art and IDFA.

Visual artist Ryoji Ikeda, a key figure in the world of electronic music, is famed for his overpowering live performances and mind-expanding audiovisual work. Ikeda is compiling a spectacular presentation for Eye that will immerse visitors in images and sound.

In creating his minimalist and breathtaking art, Ikeda (born in Japan in 1966) draws on mathematical concepts, quantum mechanics, data, sound and light, transforming them into works of intangible power and beauty, often capturing the invisible structures and data that shape our lives.

With mathematical precision, he reduces sound and images to their essence in stunning installations that bombard viewers with visual data. From pixels to the universe, he brings together the very smallest and very biggest in his work.

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IJpromenade 1,

1031 KT,


+31 (0)20 5981400,,

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22.15 - 23.15 hrs

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