Array - Ruta Butkute

23 November - 29 December
Ruta Butkute

This installation consists of sculptures, videos, and painted ceramics. The artist is often in search of the connections and overlaps between media, and here she emphasizes the relationship between sculpture and video. The installation is scattered across the gallery in an effortless manner. Various materials intermingle and find ways to complete each other, and the sculptures are combinations of materials such as pigmented porcelain and bent steel profiles, paper, and plastic prints. With these works, Butkute creates a route for the visitor to move within the installation based on a choreography which is visible in the video works as well. These works use moving images to research ways of activating the static form of sculpture and create a sense of movement. The video 'States & Drives' is based on a Rudolf van Laban movement analysis.

Click here for more information about the opening during Amsterdam Art Weekend

Click here to learn more about a conversation with the artist + book launch

The event is supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and the Mondriaan Fund.

Image credit: Ruta Butkute, Two Bowlines (under a strain), courtesy of C&H Gallery

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