In a Flickering Light + Looking Back - Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen

Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen with live music by Paul Koek

In a Flickering Light is a performance about our addiction to the light of our devices. Four actors are watching a light source that suggests the reflection of a film or video, and the audience “watches the film” on the actors’ mask-like faces. A mask has an intrinsic duality: it hides the face but also reveals the interior in a ritualistic way. That which normally cannot be seen we can now read from the face. The way in which these ‘masks’ transform the head into an object is reminiscent of the sculptures of Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen. At Veem House, the performance is preceded by a screening of the video installation ‘Looking Back’ from 2016, and Paul Koek will perform the soundtrack live on timpani.

Looking Back was filmed at Utrecht Central Station during a performance of ‘How Can We Know the Dancer From the Dance?’, and takes the act of looking as its subject.

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Image credt: unnamed, Andrea Rogolino, courtesy of VEEM HOUSE

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Van Diemenstraat 408-410,

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16:00 - 17:45

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