Performance: Luciano Berio: 'Remembering the Future', concert led by avant-garde flutist Machiko Takahashi

25 November at 15:00 until 17:00 at The Merchant House
With the famously labyrinthine and consequential ‘Sequenze’ that he started writing in the mid-1950s and continued until the end of his life, the Italian classical composer Luciano Berio (1926-2003) aimed to show that a single piece of music (even for a single instrument) could never exhaust its playing and listening possibilities. Profoundly contemporary, with open references to other music and other media, Berio’s compositions offer a unique parallel to the art on view in TMH’s ‘Matter of Masters’ exhibition—the works of Dennis Oppenheim, Carolee Schneemann, Hilarius Hofstede, Craigie Horsfield, and Judit Reigl. Virtuoso flutist Machiko Takahashi has a unique understanding of the composer and of artistic interactions, offering what Berio termed “experimental models of real life” and “seeing music.” As always, we hope you will join us for a discussion at the TMH Roundtable after the concert.
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