Matter of Masters: 5 Years of TMH - Dennis Oppenheim, Hilarius Hofstede, Craigie Horsfield and more

23 November - 18 January at The Merchant House
Dennis Oppenheim, Hilarius Hofstede, Craigie Horsfield, Judit Reigl, Carolee Schneemann

‘Matter of Masters’ reflects on painting by taking its cue from the oeuvre of the American conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011). In such seminal works as ‘Lungs with Brushes’ (1991) and ‘Roots in Cubism’ (1984), he imagined the future as a post-conceptual return of nonunified artistic visions. The show, curated by TMH’s founding artistic director Marsha Plotnitsky, reexamines these ruptures in the prophetic painterly works of TMH’s program artists.

Hilarius Hofstede joins ‘Masters’ with his new political mural of LP covers. Carolee Schneemann’s ‘Infinity Kisse’s’ film of 2005 highlights her performative feminist position. Judit Reigl contributes performativity to painting with her large canvases and shrouds. Originating in the camera or in cameraless negatives, Craigie Horsfield’s prints unsettle our notions of photography and advance the possibility of futuristic non-gestural portrayals.

Image credit: Dennis Oppenheim, foto by Gert-Jan van Rooij, courtesy of The Merchant House HR

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