Postnaturalia - Krištof Kintera

10 November - 5 January at Galerie Ron Mandos
Krištof Kintera

What will nature look like when we revisit it after the information era?

We are living in another copper age, as this material is a prerequisite for contemporary living. Energy and the internet are navigated using a complex network of wires to sustain and connect us, resembling essential organic webs like nervous or root systems.

‘Postnaturalia’ is a comparative study of the behavior and structures of natural and technological systems, shown through installations, sketches, drawings and printed materials. Krištof Kintera recreates the beauty and spontaneity of nature and develops new plant species, grown and categorized in a herbarium, eventually to be seeded into large nervous systems.

Image credit: Kristof Kintera, How Nature Works,  courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos

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