ultimate free - herman de vries

23 November - 21 December at BorzoGallery
herman de vries

Nature and its patterns have always formed an endless source of inspiration for herman de vries. He feels no urge to add anything to it or take away anything from it, and leaves imaging and representation to others. His role as an artist is much more that of an observer amidst nature.
For over forty years, de vries and his wife Suzanne have lived near the vast ancient forest of the Steigerwald in southern Germany. The series of random drawings in this exhibition has its origin here: de vries collects and dries dead branches and burns them until all that remains is charcoal, which then becomes a drawing on a white sheet of paper. From real nature till natural reality, the cycle is complete.

Click here for more information about the opening of the exhibition during Amsterdam Art Weekend

Image credits: herman de vries, untitled, fotograaf joana schwender 2018

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