Stories from a Black Hole - Phil Bosch and Pernille Lonstrup


12 May - 3 July at PuntWG
The exhibition of Phil Bosch and Pernille Lonstrup is based around the juxtaposition of their different works in which they explore the state/status of civilization. Leading question for the artists is whether the works can be placed before civilization or after its collapse?

Phil Bosch works with sensorial explorations through video, she explores a space that exists between image and language, reflecting upon established meanings and what is left when these meanings are abandoned. Bosch works as an archaeologist in her video, digging out the invisible evidence, that history will not be able categorize.

Pernille Lonstrup’s work makes blind spots/gaps visible in communication, that a system of language would neglect. She focuses in her work on a societal system’s ability to listen and understand, what is not a common norm within the system itself. Lonstrup works as a linguist, where her work leads to an absurd drama in which codes and sign of a common regime constantly transform.


Language and image are said to be at the basis of human civilization. Bosch and Lonstrup want to explore how this idea has shaped the status of our current civilization, if this status is an imaginary construction. They wish do so through their different approaches and working methodology; Bosch’s working is rooted in image and Lonstrup’s working is rooted in language.

The two artists are planning the exhibition around their two most recent video works ‘Telluric 0’ en ‘Constructions’.

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WG Plein opposite #80,



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