Leaving the House - Sara Campos and Renate Stalman

8 September - 23 September at PuntWG
Leaving the House is a Performance, an exhibition of prints and performances, is a collaboration between artist Sara Campos and writer Renate Stalman, who are showing work together for the first time. The prints are images and texts. The performances relate to the prints.

The idea for the exhibition originated from being a mother. Raising a child in the western world is a pretty solitary activity; in a way most individualism tends to promote isolation. The modern search for perfection and obsessions with self-image conflict sharply with the messy business of motherhood. In a way, society has created an urban environment where being social no longer refers to meeting in public spaces but to digital networks. In this setting leaving your house is like performing a courageous act.

For this exhibition the artists will be seeking to ask how we can get a grip on experiences of motherhood through artworks and vice versa; and, what can we do with images and words? The title of the project is used here as a working tool, in order to associate different ideas and form possibilities.

The exhibition will bring together printed images, texts and the translations of these into performed actions. Campos and Stalman will explore the spaces between image and text, and how these can be manifested in the performers, in gesture, speech, motion, and repetition.

The performances will be a combination of actions and spoken stories by Renate Stalman.

The prints, operating between being promotional tools and instructions, draw inspiration from advertisements, particularly their boldness of statements, scale and general language.


During the course of three weeks, the exhibition will change its form. Different elements such as images, sound recordings and performance instructions will be generated. The artists will use the exhibition format as a way to develop new works, so that it can travel into a different space or venue.

This project is kindly supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Stichting Stokroos.

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