So it goes-Miho Kajioka

8 September - 13 October at Galerie Caroline O'Breen
In the upcoming exhibition ‘So it goes’ Miho Kajioka is presenting new work that relate to the concept of time, memory and location. The exhibition takes place at two different galleries, one part is exhibited at IBASHO in Antwerp and the other part at Galerie Caroline O’Breen in Amsterdam. Kajioka’s artistic practice is in principal snapshot based; she carries her camera everywhere and intuitively takes photos of whatever she finds interesting. These collected images serve as the basic material for her work in the darkroom where she creates her poetic and suggestive image-objects through elaborate, alternative printing methods.

For a long period Kajioka has been fascinated by the order of time. According to Kajioka, photography captures moments and freezes them; displaying prints is like playing with the order of time. In the exhibition Kajioka plays with the concept of time through installations that question the chronology of time and sequence of situations. Like in her earlier works the series consists of intuitive images of fragments of her daily life, from various periods and against changing backdrops, among others relating to the cities of Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Through additional sound and scent elements the audience can have an all immersive experience of Kajioka’s exceptional perspective on the world around her.

Miho Kajika (b. 1973, Japan, lives in Kyoto) studied fine art in the United States and Canada and started her career as a journalist in her native country Japan. Since 2013 Kajioka’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Colombia, the USA, Germany and most recently in the United Kingdom at The Photographer’s Gallery in London.

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