Setting action/ Defining moment- Rob Bouwman

24 February - 24 March at C&H gallery
In the exhibition “Setting action / Defining moment” Rob Bouwman presents a selection of new paintings. The title, ‘Setting action / Defining moment’, refers not only to his working process however also to a literal snapshot in the artistic practice of Rob Bouwman. For the last two to three years Rob has chosen to focus on new works on wooden panels. They refer to much smaller paintings which were placed within his small objects hanging at the wall as representative exhibition proposals. The works stand on their own but are also a kind of necessity for him to come to new insights for the future.

Rob approaches paint and the act of painting as a liquid formless material and how this material can be spread over a carrier in different ways. This smudging goes with extreme precision, comparable to looking through a microscope toward a bacterium or fungus molded in between two glass plates.

Since the end of 2015 Rob has started making a serie of works, concentrating on the mixing of different colors by means of a single paint touch. By intensive preparing of the surface, distributing the oil paint from various ways, he can then pull the pigments through each other with the aid of assistants and with a kind of home-made painting tools. These works originate from a contextual, visual and a paint-technical investigation into color, form and appearance in which all preparations were initiated by Rob down to that one final brush stroke. All these features are in focus until that one moment of painting, ‘setting action’.

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