In Between Stage-Jungmin Lee

21 September - 23 September at C&H gallery
Jungmin Lee ‘In Between Stage’ C&H gallery is proud to present ‘In Between Stage’ Jungmin Lee, Stand #23 Unseen 2018. Having moved to the Netherlands to take up a place at the prestigious Gerrit Riet- veld Academie, Jungmin Lee (b. 1985, South Korea) was soon navigating complex and personal questions of identity. With the In-Between Stage series, Lee explores the symbolism surrounding two quintessentially Dutch plant varieties, opening up a discussion of assimilation, borders and cultural difference. “When I first came to the Netherlands, I came here as a tourist. Even after I’d settled down, I still felt like a tourist in many ways, particularly when showing my friends around. Through the eyes of a foreigner, you tend to discover so many interesting things that are seemingly invisible to locals. One thing I noticed in the Netherlands was the way coniferous plants are often used to demarcate one house or garden from the next. Having only ever lived in apartments, and growing up in a city made of concrete, bricks and cement, I’d never seen plants used like fences before. I will soon be- came interested in looking at these fences of conifers as a symbol of borders within society.

More broadly, my work is about the effects of globalization on the stability of cultural symbols. For my In Between Stage project, I tried to reconstruct the feeling of cultural assimilation by bringing together images of coniferous greenery and tulips within the same composition.Abundant in Dutch gardens, the conifer represents the borders in society, whilst the tulip is also an interesting symbol in that, despite being synony- mous with Dutch culture, it is actually native to South-East Europe, Central Asia and Turkey.”

Jungmin Lee (b. 1985, South Korea) lives and works in Seoul. His work has been exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad, among K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (South Korea), KUMA, Uiwang (South Korea) Brakke Grond (Amsterdam) and New Dutch Photography Talent 2017 GUP Magazine, Amsterdam.

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