De Ramp / The Finger

15 October - 30 November at NDSM-werf
Jaap Scheeren

"De Ramp / The Finger" comprises three photographs by Jaap Scheeren (1979), each displayed on billboards of 3x6 meters at different locations at the NDSM-Wharf. The title "De Ramp" ("The Disaster") refers to the floods of 1953 that shocked the Netherlands to its very core. Even though the floods happened a long time ago, Scheeren aims to bring it back to our collective memory in order to warn us for similar disasters that are yet to come. The absurdist images portray rebellious animals, which sends a message about humans' current relations to nature and the environment. Much like his other works, Scheeren's photographs place us in front of a confronting mirror, creating a world according to his own logic, intuition, and rules, but always with a humorous twist.

This exhibition coincides with Warming Up Festival, which takes place from 12-22 October 2020 and exhibits more works by Scheeren at for example Tolhuistuin.

Image: Jaap Scheeren
Image: Jaap Scheeren
Image: Jaap Scheeren
Image: Jaap Scheeren
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