Opening: Popel Coumou - A Paper Perspective

21 November at TORCH
On 21 November, Torch Gallery proudly presents the opening of A Paper Perspective by Popel Coumou, her sixth solo exhibition at the gallery. Working from an analog technique of collage and miniature, Popel Coumou's photographs question our perception of space. The simplest physical constructions are transformed into intriguing, dreamlike images that compel the viewer to question what they see. The slight shadow of the paper's edge, the lack of a line where you expect it to be drawn, create both confusion and depth. With delicate lines of paper and light, she creates a sense of being suspended in time. Inherent to the photographic medium is the tension between surface and object. Introducing more contrast and colour and reintroducing still life, Popel invites the viewer to enter into her world where size, shape and dimension continue to shift. There is a playfulness to these images with a subtle new undertone of boldness. Between recognition and abstraction, her work shows us that presence and absence can coexist, drawing attention to the space between the physical and the imagined. Simultaneously to the exhibition at Torch Gallery, Fotomuseum Den Haag will present the solo exhibition Paper and Light, where a broad range of new work will be shown. For this occasion, she has also created work in response to the space and architecture of the museum, experimenting with collage on a larger scale and inviting the viewer to physically enter the work. Coinciding with these two exhibitions is the publication of Popel Coumou: Paper and Light, which presents an overview of her work to date. Popel Coumou (1978) is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. She is represented by Torch Gallery in Amsterdam. Since she graduated from the Rietveld Academy in 2004 she has been exhibiting her work worldwide. She continues to engage her audience through questioning space and perception, while drawing from her immediate surroundings and personal memories.
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12:00 - 19:00

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