In Addition to Everything Real

25 November - 24 December at AKINCI
Ruby Swinney (1992 SA), Molly Palmer (1984, UK), Inge Meijer (1986, NL) & Thomas Huber, (1955, CH).

AKINCI presents a group exhibition with Ruby Swinney, Molly Palmer, Inge Meijer and Thomas Huber. It extracts its title from a film by Molly Palmer: ‘in addition to everything real’. From this choice of artists, one can expect a hint of the extraordinary. The universe is turned around, modified, dreamed about or in parallel existence. South African artist Ruby Swinney surprises with her mysterious monochrome paintings on silk, whereas Thomas Huber is the master of time in his paintings, sharing only carefully crafted clues with his viewer. Inge Meijer puts the viewer in a position of power opposite her non-human protagonists. With the contribution of Molly Palmer, this show becomes a place where reality and fiction are destabilised and intertwined.

Image: Molly Palmer, In Addition to Everything Real, 2015, HD video with sound, 5.27 min (film still)

A conversation with Polly Palmer
By Molly Palmer (UK, 1984)
Reservations mandatory:
Sunday 29 November 12.00 hrs


Molly Palmer, Fountain (film still), 2018, Hahnemüle photo paper in Silk Baryta, 45.5 x 25.8cm
Molly Palmer, Fountain (film still), 2018, Hahnemüle photo paper in Silk Baryta, 45.5 x 25.8cm

Edition Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

Fountain (Film Still), 2018
By Molly Palmer (UK, 1984)

Molly Palmer works within and between the media of filmmaking, installation, sculpture, and choreography. Using handmade props, sets, and costumes, she green-screens protagonists into layered video worlds where music, gesture, and dialogue form cyclical narratives exploring the strangeness concealed within ordinary things. 

By generating spaces that are visibly handmade, she builds a hybrid culture dislocated from the slick virtual worlds we are immersed in on a daily basis; a timeless ‘no-place’ with its own rhythm and logic, where reality and fiction are destabilised and intertwined. Her time-based assemblages create spaces that are strange yet familiar; narratives that are sometimes funny, bewildering, and beautiful but can also be disorienting, emotionally enigmatic, sad, or frightening. Although visually dream-like, this work is not intended as fantasy. Instead, it offers a step sideways into parallel worlds that allow us to examine and enjoy the complexity and absurdity of being human. Molly Palmer's work therefore seems to be drenched with the ‘Infra-Ordinary’.

This still is taken from Fountain, a single-channel video about cycles of belief and nihilism. The film explores the repetition of symbolic visualisation as a potential technology of hope and self-actualisation. A chorus of voices interrogates the symbolism of the circle, questioning its historical, cultural, and mythical significance. 

Constantly fluctuating between its loaded function as an evocation of wholeness/sanctuary/strength/infinity, and its paradoxical role as a zero/nothingness/a void of meaning, the circle’s reply is cryptic and open-ended. A woman’s voice poses a haunting melodic riddle. Strange sounds and singing overlap as disembodied hands manipulate gold discs and pour infinite streams of water from ornate vessels. Perhaps the only real meaning  is produced in the process of questioning - through acts of making and becoming.

Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs 
Price: €500 excl. VAT  
The Edition of the Amsterdam Gallery Weekend can be purchased online via the gallery. Please see their contact information listed on the right side of this page.

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