Crowds – Susanna Inglada | Everyday – Jisan Ahn

25 November - 16 January at Galerie Bart
Susanna Inglada (ES, 1983) and Jisan Ahn (KR, 1979)

Galerie Bart presents two solo exhibitions in the gallery: "Crowds" by Susanna Inglada, and "Everyday" by Jisan Ahn.

Susanna Inglada started her artistic career at the La Casona Theatre School in Barcelona, but after graduating she decided to pursue a career in painting. A couple of years later, she moved on from painting to develop a recognizable working method on paper, embracing her background in Theatre Studies. She places her cut-out drawings in the space like the stage decor for a play. Inglada works with images she collects from the Internet and from magazines, and draws inspiration from literature, theatre and the news. With these elements she investigates the mechanisms of power and corruption. Inglada writes a new chapter with the exhibition "Crowds". She will again show an installation made of paper, as well as linos. In addition, she recently started making animations, which will also be shown in the exhibition.

Susanna Inglada (1983, ES) studied at the La Casona Theater School in Barcelona, ​​obtained a B.F.A. from the University of Barcelona, ​​an M.F.A. from the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, a postgraduate at the HISK in Ghent and is currently following the Young Grunn Artist III Program of NP3 and the Groninger Museum. She has shown her work in various group and solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands. Inglada won the Scheffer Prize in 2019 and the Generaciones Prize in 2019. Her work is included in the collections of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the NOG Collection (Stedelijk Museum Schiedam), the Dordrechts Museum and Museum Folkwang in Essen.

Jisan Ahn also works with images from the media, which he first incorporates into drawings, collages and miniature arrangements, before applying the paint to the canvas based on these preliminary studies. With his paintings he wants to question the factuality of media images, and he plays with the idea of reality versus the virtual world. He also draws on his own memory and emotions evoked by these situations and events. Because he had a carefree childhood, Ahn has always been searching for the feeling of discomfort in himself. When he finds this emotion, he translates it into images with the aim of evoking this discomfort from the viewer as well. In the exhibition Ahn will show new work where the everyday and repetitive will be the subject. Human figures are often absent, and the emptiness of space challenges you without mercy.

Jisan Ahn (1979, KR) graduated from the National University of Arts in Seoul (B.F.A.) and the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen (M.F.A.). He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in South Korea, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2013 and 2014 he was artist in residence at the Rijksakademie. In 2014 he won the Buning Brongers Prize. Ahn's work is included in the collections of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, the Arario Museum, Seoul, the Deagu Art Museum, Deagu and the LUMC, Leiden.

Image: courtesy of Galerie Bart

Bar No. 5: Performance
By Margriet Craens (NL, 1988)
Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 November 12.00 - 17.00 hrs
Reservations mandatory:

Rafael Philippen, Margriet Craens, Bar No.5
Rafael Philippen, Margriet Craens, Bar No.5

Edition Amsterdam Art Gallery Weeekend
Bottle No. 21 
By Margriet Craens (NL, 1988)

Bottle No. 21 stems from Margriet Craens' earlier work, Bar No. 5. Bar no. 5 is the fifth black lacquered bar she has built and Bottle no. 21 the twenty-first bottle she had designed and had blown. The first twenty are placed in the cabinet of Bar No. 5, where they act as a tool to discuss personal experiences of the bar guests. Social situations can be analysed with the "characters" of the bottles.

Bar No. 5 and Bottles 1 to 20 were previously shown at Art Rotterdam (2020) and at MU Artspace (2020). Bottle no. 21 will be released for Amsterdam Gallery Weekend as a special edition of 25 pieces.

Between February 2020 - when Margriet first exhibited Bar No. 5  at Art Rotterdam - and today, the artwork has taken on a new meaning: a quick trip to the pub used to be a regular thing that has now become a cherished experience. While being stuck at home, a second-hand vase lying around your house, an old rocking chair belonging to your great-grandmother, suddenly become collector's items. The bottles in the bar cabinet of Bar No. 5 express this feeling of renewed attention to the exceptional shape of the everyday. A bottle of liquor is suddenly special. The fact that these bottles were designed as therapeutic props , and so are given a new meaning each time by the person sitting at the bar, ties in to the theme "Infra-Ordinary".

Edition of 25 
Price: €500 incl. VAT
The Edition of the Amsterdam Gallery Weekend can be purchased online via the gallery. Please see their contact information listed on the right side of this page.

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