Continuation - Kristina Benjocki & Anne-Marie Twigge

24 February - 28 April at Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art
Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art is pleased to present works of Kristina Benjocki and Anne-Marie Twigge in the gallery.

Kristina Benjocki will show works she created during her researcher fellow at the Jan van Eyck academie 2015/17. The light box collapses visual narratives based on historical and geological findings related to Cannerberg, a cavernous hill located between the Dutch and Belgian border. From Neolithic times, continuous mining of flint nodules and later limestone created a complex network of underground tunnels around the Caesert plateau.  Cannerberg bears traces from various histories: from Neolithic times to World War II, the Cold War and the Maastricht treaty - considered as the beginning of the European Union. Next to the light box Benjocki presents drawings and prints from the series Cannerberg composition, all results of her long-term research project to Cannerberg. More information;

Anne-Marie Twigge presents the bronze Converso. The sculpture conceptualizes a staging of intersectional structures and exposes different layers of authoritarian encounters. The narrative is constructed through the meaning of Converso–relating to ‘conversation’ -to deal, to talk -and ‘conversion’ which historically is connected to transition of religion -to turn -as well as financial securities and even Freuds’ description of hysteria as ‘conversion disorder'.  Twigge uses knowledge from her longstanding relationship between art and advertising. Her settings point to artificially designed spaces. Settings that entice consumption and confute the emotional as well as economic. She relishes the complexities of desire and how behaviouris influenced -emotional, sexual, cultural, political, social and economical -. Showing how behaviour is under the influence of commerce and how it impacts on our daily routine and habits. Space plays an important role in artistic research and makes manifestations of behaviour possible. In her work Twigge constructs settings that use print, sculpture, video, installation and performance as ploys.

Kristina Benjocki (1984, Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia) completed her MA at the KABK, The Hague in 2011. She holds BA from  the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2009) and the University of Arts in Belgrade (2008). Her practice focuses on the investigation of post socialist historical and cultural revisionism and examines political mechanisms of forgetting and remembering in the context of former east and west Europe. Most recently she exhibited her work in an extensive solo exhibition Sedimentation of Memory at PuntWG in Amsterdam, published her new commission The regime of the Visible for the MIT press journal, she was  nominated for the Prix de Rome by Bik van der Pol and Vincent van Velsen. In 2015/17 she was a researcher fellow at the Jan van Eyck academie in Maastricht.

Anne-Marie Twigge (1982, Leamington Spa, UK) was raised in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After obtaining her BA Business Administration with a focus on commerce, Twigge commenced her professional career in business, working in the fields of marketing and brand communications. Whilst residing in Shanghai, China. She expanded her professional career as a creative consultant and researcher with an artistic practice attending residencies across New York, Mumbai and London before obtaining her Masters degree in Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

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