Something between the Flowers

1 February - 1 March at Arti & Amicitiae
The dychotomic side of the humankind is more then ever visible in our daily life. With 'something between the flowers', a Gesamtkustwerk, the artists want t built up a zone of friction and victory, a hedonistic bootcamp and beach towl paradise in a age of claiming new world orders.

Artists: Katrein Breukers, Susanne Khalil Yusef, Martijn Linssen
Niko Riedinger, Peer Vink, Koos de Vries, WONNE

There is this thing,
This black and white side, not grey.
A natural instinct,
a need and consequence,
to correctly estimate any value.
Splitter splatter, stains of combat.
A life essence.
This base of existence, thinner than blood smoother than silk.
A comforting space, a substance.
Like chrome horses roaming the landscape.
Machines screeching, engines roaring all in distance
and the smell of sweat and oil is tickling your senses.
Seagulls in the desert, flying circles.
Prepare your towel. The water is burning.
The bubbles are released and engulfed by gluttony.
Embrace your desire.
Enter a zone of subornation for spiritual arson.
Purifying needs, cleansed away.

Sunday February 16, 15 -17h.
A performance on the cacophony
by WONNE and Alejandro Ceron. in addition there will be a ‘soup kitchen’ /w freshly made soup and breadsculptures

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