Exhibition: New Rules

21 November - 24 November at OSCAM
Marian Duff and Maru Asmellash

The Speak Sessions are a series of OSCAM conversations with different organisations such as the Public Prosecution (OM), Opera Forward Festival and Amsterdam Museum.

During the series organized together with the Public Prosecution Service (OM) we talk about youth culture, lifestyle, identity and crime. Through discussing the specific subjects like ‘Street Fashion’, ‘Icons’ and ‘Hip Hop’ OSCAM ends 2019 with an exhibition that incorporates the topics of the Speak Sessions with the Public Prosecution (OM), curated by Marian Duff (OSCAM) and Maru Asmellash, (partner TNO / Zeedijk 60).

Maru Asmellash was a regular panel member during all the Speak Sessions and was inspired by the conversations that were held.

And Marian Duff has invited Maru Asmellash to use the inspiration for participating in OSCAM's next exhibition. Maru will reinterpret three gowns from the Public Prosecution Service, which will form the basis of this exhibition called ‘New Rules’.

In this exhibition, the results of the Speak Sessions will be presented to the outside world in a special, surprising and yet accessible way. Prepare to be amazed!

Image: Xyvonne Koeiman for OSCAM, courtesy of OSCAM

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