CHAPTER 2WO Nicolás Jaar and his Shock Forest Group

19 September - 1 December
Nicolás Jaar

The Chilean artist and composer Nicolás Jaar will be the second guest at Het HEM. His ten-week stay in Zaandam will be an intensive exploration of the Hembrug site. Together with his ‘Shock Forest Group’ Jaar will conduct research into Het HEM, from which the site’s historical, sociological, archaeological and geographical data will serve as the source material for a sound piece that is both about and from the location where it is played. While the research group will continuously develop new work during Jaar’s three-month stay, Chapter 2WO will launch on September 20 with the opening of a new sound and light artwork by Jaar in the 200-meter long shooting range in the basement of Het HEM. Throughout the programme, (temporary) results of the research will be presented as musical performances during Amsterdam Dance Event and Amsterdam Art Weekend, for which Jaar will also invite international musicians to perform.


Image: Nicolás Jaar, 2019 © Menno Kok, courtesy of het HEM

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