Movt.Nr.10: Ososma - Charl Landvreugd

25 October - 13 December at CBK - Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost
Charl Landvreugd

Movt.Nr.10: Ososma is a solo exhibition of visual artist Charl Landvreugd commissioned by CBK Zuidoost. This exhibition is a self-portrait by Landvreugd and portrays a critical reflection on belonging and wanting to be a part of something, while at the same time becoming yourself. The exhibition displays snapshots of a creative process, of a practice involving a variety of materials and styles. Landvreugd makes large-scale new work based on the map of a ‘Tembe’ (a collective name for traditional wood carving and painting by Maroons in the Surinam hinterland). At the same time this Tembe incorporates other (existing and new) work by the artist. So, Movt.Nr.10: Ososma is both an artwork and an exhibition at the same time. It is also a platform for temporary interventions, like performances and public programming. The content of this exhibition manifests a recurring theme in Landvreugd’s work: a reflection on cultural hybridity as a starting point in the 21st century.

For two months, this sculpture (and other old and new works) will be infused with significance by things such as performances. In African and Surinam culture, giving significance to objects through dance and music is a profound tradition. A tradition that was brought to Surinam by enslaved people and which has been maintained as a cultural heritage there – but also here in the Netherlands in some parts of the Surinamese community. Without this interaction, these cherished objects remain meaningless. These performances initiated by Landvreugd connect with this performative tradition but at the same time they have their own autonomous scenario and design. Landvreugd is inspired by 1980s and 1990s dance and club culture and will perform on his own or through other dancers: a subculture that was established and designed in the gay scene. Characteristic for the Movt.Nr.10: Ososma performative exhibition is the combination and integration of cultural influences and traditions.


Image: courtesy of CBK Zuidoost

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