Andrei Tarkovsky - Film Program

14 September - 6 December at Eye Filmmuseum
Ingmar Bergman declared him the greatest film -maker of his time, a man who “understood life as a dream.” "Enfant terrible" Lars von Trier stated that Tarkovsky had brought him closer to faith, and Ryuichi Sakamoto decribed his album 'Async' as “the soundtrack for a fictional Tarkovsky film”.

The list of filmmakers and artists who have been inspired by Tarkovsky goes on and marks Tarkovsky’s status as one of the great directors in film history.
Tarkovsky directed seven feature films and was a filmmaker with outspoken ideas about film and art. He referred to the spiritual power of classical paintings and poetry. In addition to the work of directors he admired, such as Ingmar Bergman and Robert Bresson, Tarkovsky considered the silent film classic Earth , by Soviet film maker Aleksandr Dovzhenko, the pinnacle of film art. Tarkovsky’s films, his sources of inspiration and Tarkovsky’s influence on contemporary filmmakers and artists, have been incorporated into a program that spans 90 years of film history, accompanying the exhibition in Eye.

For the full program, click here.

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Alongside the exhibition there are screenings of Tarkovski films, live music, lectures and other events. For the agenda, please visit

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