Honestly stolen from the Experience of a Lifetime, Rembrandt's self-portraits - Ritsaert ten Cate

19 October - 9 November at REUTENGALERIE
Honestly stolen from the Experience of a Lifetime, Rembrandt's self-portraits - Ritsaert ten Cate

Honestly stolen from the Experience of a Lifetime. Rembrandt self-portraits - Ritsaert ten Cate
Project of artist/theatre innovator Ritsaert ten Cate (1938-2008) concerning Rembrandt’s self-portraits. In a cinematographic flowing movement Rembrandt looks through all the red shades and emotions of a lifetime. In this project Ten Cate used all of Rembrandt's selfportraits for photo's and film, which each showing two ages of Rembrandt combined.
Furthermore, information on his other art can be viewed.

Quote from a letter by Ritsaert ten Cate:

“…a 35 mm table-top stop-motion film in which 63 selfportraits of Rembrandt dissolved from one into the other. Rembrandt in his own version aging from beginning to end. The original film somehow got lost after we ended Mickery’s activities with Touch Time. But I had a VHS copy which I kept and carried with me 15 years later when I began a year at PS1/MoMa in Queens, New York to start my career as a visual artist. September/October of 2000, the first two months in New York, I kept coming back to the tape. It demanded that I work with it. It suddenly hit me that I wanted to see what Rembrandt looked like, not how he painted himself, but how he could be constructed as an image in the middle of a dissolve: at the moment of one picture disappearing while another entered. A portrait not painted by Rembrandt yet created by his vision. A laboratory made slides of the middle of the dissolves, after which they were scanned and made prints of it. A choice of them are presented…”

From 1965 to 1991, Ritsaert ten Cate was the founder, artistic director and inspirer of the Mickery Theater. He attracted numerous foreign theater groups, directors and performers, who had a major influence on Dutch theater makers and the cultural climate.

Ten Cate was then the founder of the DasArts, a second phase art education. When he handed over DasArts in 1999, he went to the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunst and worked solely as a visual artist. He also organized exhibitions of his own and others' work.

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