Opening: Bob Waardenburg - Monuments for the Wicked

28 June at PS

During the last 13 years Bob Waardenburg (1983) followed the unbeaten track that is laid out in
front of any young artist but especially for an autodidact artist like him. Searching and researching
a visual language that he could call his own, Bob started drawing and never stopped. If you look
at the work he makes you see enormous collections of lines, dots, swirls and etches all repeated
endlessly to finally dissolve in a greater abstract entity. A metaphor for life itself?

Bob often explores different techniques and tools to draw with making works on a wide range of
materials and exploring the three dimensional space with his collective We Make Carpets. In PS
Bob will be showing his most recent works on paper, root veneer and stone.

In recent years Bob’s works were shown at Moody Center For The Arts (Houston), National
Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), National Gallery of Singapore (Singapore), Kunsthal 45 (Den
Helder), Stroom (Den Haag), Extrapool (Nijmegen), Zeeuws Museum (Middelburg), Unfair
(Amsterdam) and Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam).

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