Low magic

13 July - 14 July

Quiet assertions of hopefulness

Resisting moods of desolation and powerlessness.

That doesn’t mean they are not themselves

almost-schizophrenic, about-turns,

“”this is a shout out to my mom, Joy, I love you, I miss you, give me a call sometime. SHUT UP!!!”

Gentle, humble, tender works

Bringing together things that could never immediately suggest themselves + despite it, works.

Low magic

Only feared

Iraq, Mexico, France


Shift and ripple - despite their formal rigour- this tenderness towards their subjects infuses with warmth moments of hesitant comedy and baleful absurdity.


Low magic

Works by Yalda Afsah, free.yard, Temra Pavlovic, Masar Sohail

Curated by Dan Walwin

Duration 45 mins

Doors open at 8pm

Screening: 8:45 - 9:30 pm

Closing season party: 10 pm-1am

Free entrance



DJ Means Of Production

Arvo Leo

* image credit: Tourneur, 2018, Yalda Afsah

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8pm -1am

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