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Faux Syrup Angel - Lily & Mila Lanfermeijer

Project Spaces puntWG

WG Plein (opposite no. 80)
1054DM Amsterdam

Open Sat - Sun / 14-18 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 16 Jun — 9 Jul

Opening 16 Jun, 17-19 hrs


Next to their individual practices Mila & Lily Lanfermeijer have been collaborating on several projects since 2014. Their practices seem to overlap in the fact that they deal with questions regarding the relationship between the usable and the autonomous object and ideas circling around (shared) authorship.

The Reclining Nude Series (2014) was the first collaborative series in which they combined techniques of knotting and basket making to create a series of hanging sculptures that draw comparison between the household form of the vase and the image of a resting female body in classical painting. Since 2015 they have collaborated on The Studio Dinners (2015) and RAATKAAKAANAA (2017) to question the exhibition as a form and to create an alternative environment to the classical setting in which art is often shown. Completed works, works in progress and objects created for the purpose of a dinner (table cloths, vases and flower arrangements) would make up the environment for the meeting of people. 

During their exhibition at puntWG they will elaborate on these previous events and use them as a base for the creation of new works. An installation consisting of several textile works, pieces of furniture, edible and sculptural works will draw inspiration from concepts like ergonomics and modern folklore in which different processes of transmission, in material, verbal or customary form will be the point of departure. The displayed pieces will change in form and function over the duration of the exhibition.

 This exhibition is generously supported by the AFK.


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