Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21 Amsterdam Art Week 17–27 Juni 21

About us

Amsterdam Art 
Amsterdam Art is a not-for-profit organisation that actively contributes to strengthening the contemporary arts scene in the city. We do so by joining forces with local, national and international organisations and individuals, to create a community that inspires art lovers, artists, professionals and collectors all around the world. 

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Get involved 
A strong creative industry has a positive effect on the city’s residents and visitors. That is why at Amsterdam Art, we strive to connect people and art, offer talented young artists a platform, and enable Amsterdam’s contemporary art scene to excel at an international level. 

Whether you are a company, individual or fund, your support enables Amsterdam Art to continue fulfilling its important role. Every contribution, whether large or small, one-off or ongoing, is essential in realizing the annual Amsterdam Art Weekend. If you share our vision, we would like to get in touch with you. 

Please contact us to find out more about sponsorships, partnerships, donations, and the tax benefits of supporting Amsterdam Art. 

Nina Folkersma 

Martina Halsema
Programme and Partnerships