Ambassadors Selection

Nadine’s Selection

We are counting down the days until Amsterdam Art Weekend! This year we are glad to announce that we are in the company of five great ambassadors. Five people who are well versed in the contemporary Art Field will guide you through the varied and comprehensive programme that Amsterdam Art Weekend has to offer.

Our ambassadors have selected the exhibitions and highlights that they are looking forward to most. If you would like to make a selection for yourself, use this link

photo credit: Saffron Pape
photo credit: Saffron Pape

Meet Nadine 

She’s responsible for the program of the Young Collectors Circle, a Dutch platform for young art collectors. She also lives and works right here in our favourite city, Amsterdam, and loves it’s cultural climate. Why? Because while there’s room for experimental arts and emerging talent, there are also museums and galleries – basically there’s a good balance.

‘By surrounding yourself with art, visiting exhibitions, talking with artists and collectors, you broaden your horizons. Art offers a different perspective on the world and can surprise, amaze and enchant you. But above all it offers depth and comfort.’

When asked about her favorite artwork she immediately said: ‘It’s quite impossible to label only one work as my favorite, but if I have to limit myself to the museum collections in Amsterdam, then I’d say TV-Buddha by Nam June Paik, from the collection at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The work, made in 1974,  is still relevant and full of contradictions and references. I’m attracted to it every time I see it.

Image credit: Elpeth Diederix, Fire Still Life, 2004, courtesy of Frankendael Foundation
Image credit: Elpeth Diederix, Fire Still Life, 2004, courtesy of Frankendael Foundation

On Sunday, she’ll start at Huize Frankendael where the Young Collectors Circle have organized the exhibition 'The Image of a Private Collection'. It combines works from the collections of members of the Young Collectors Circle. After this visit she’ll head out to the RijksakademieOPEN, one of the highlights during the Art Weekend. At the RijksakademieOPEN, 45 emerging artists-in-residence will open their studio doors, which by the way only happens once a year! Last stop: Veem - House for Performance, where artist duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen (also recent Rijksakademie alumni) will have a performance.

Nadine’s selections

Martin van Zomeren, Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Upstream Gallery, Galerie Fons Welters, Oude Kerk, Huize Frankendael, VEEM – huis voor performance, P////AKT

‘During Amsterdam Art Weekend I always try to visit a mix of galleries, project spaces, museums and other art institutions. There is so much to see and do that it’s impossible to see it all.'

Upstream Gallery – on view here is the exhibition of Alicia Framis; expect a mix of fashion, activism and performance.

Althuis  Hofland Fine Arts – a group show of seven artists that I am curious about. With work by Hannah Perry, an artist who you should keep an eye on, and a host of others.

Galerie Fons Welters – I look forward to seeing the work of Sam Samiee, a young, talented painter who doesn’t limit himself to works on canvas, but also makes installations and space-filling immersive works.

Oude Kerk – A unique exhibition space in Amsterdam that connects heritage and contemporary art in a beautiful way. Their program is always innovative and diverse – during the Art Weekend you can experience an impressive sound artwork. I highly recommend this oasis of tranquility in the middle of the hectic Red Light District.

Martin van Zomeren – At this gallery there’s always some fresh art on view, and the place has its own particular signature that appeals to me. During the Art Weekend there will be work on view by Katja Mater, Navid Nuur and others.

P////AKT – Sarah Pichlkostner has a solo exhibition at P////AKT. This project space offers emerging artists a platform and is an excellent place to discover new artists.


Image credit: Sarah Pichlkostner, If the moon was a cookie, 2018, courtesy of Pakt Amsterdam
Image credit: Sarah Pichlkostner, If the moon was a cookie, 2018, courtesy of Pakt Amsterdam