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Galerie Onrust

Galleries Galerie Onrust
Planciusstraat 7
1013 MD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4202219


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Open Wed-Sat 13-18 hrs


About the gallery:
Galerie Onrust was established in August 1986 by Milco Onrust on the Prinsengracht. From the beginning, the gallery program has placed an emphasis on contemporary painting. In 1992 Boudi Eskens joined the gallery to run its new space in the Planciusstraat, which opened in the summer of that year.

Artists represented by the gallery:
Eli Content, Felix Droese, Hans Hovy, J├╝rgen Partenheimer, Han Schuil, Derk Thijs, Alan Uglow, Veron Urdarianu, Toon Verhoef, Markus Weggenmann, Robert Zandvliet, Ina van Zyl.


Galleries Galerie Onrust

Wed-Sat 13-18 hrs

Date 18 Feb 2017 - 6 May 2017

courtesy galerie onrust