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Corridor Project Space

Project Spaces Corridor Project Space
Veemkade 574
1019 BL Amsterdam


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Open Thu-Sat 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)


Corridor Project Space

Corridor Project Space is an initiative in Amsterdam with its own exhibition space situated both in project space and public space. It initiates projects where artists, writers, curators, activists and theorists can meet, think and work on a project together with the aim to blend practices within the exhibitions.

Since 2010, Corridor Project Space, formerly known as De Kijkdoos Public Space, served as a cultural cabinet to engage in collaborative cultural production and artistic research of any kind. It exposed imaginative, absurd and profound ideas to a broad public. 

After 5 years of experience, Corridor broadened its spaces to Wilhelmina Pakhuis to create a new platform where dialogues between contemporary art and cultural narratives, history and collective memory can be shared with the public. Until now we have pursued this intention by bringing Turkey based and The Netherlands based artist together in duo shows. Within this project we also collaborated with writers and released the result in publication. We are interested in bringing individuals together in a cooperation to shift their perspectives and enrich their experiences.

In the upcoming season Corridor Project Space plans to further extend its activities for mutual projects with collectives, other project spaces and performers on a broader international level. In this way we aim to play a role in creating fruitful and authentic collaborations which result in evocative presentations. 


Project Spaces Corridor Project Space

Thu-Sat 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Date 16 Jun 2017 - 1 Jul 2017

Opening Friday 16 Jun
18 - 22 hrs

Still from If you Go Down to the Woods Today, 2016, Inge Meijer