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The Works Don’t Gel - Nicholas Riis and others

Galleries Juliette Jongma

Gerard Doustraat 128 A
1073 VX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4636904

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 17 Dec — 4 Feb

Opening 17 Dec, 17-21 hrs


The Works Don’t Gel is a solo exhibition by Nicholas Riis. This exhibition requires a disclaimer. The works on view don't gel thematically in any other particular manner than their visual presence on, in, and around the sculptures by Norwegian/Danish artist Nicholas Riis. Little snow men, golf sticks, t-shirts, games, stickers, flowers, carpets and many more gently fill the surface of Riis' collision of materials. A melting pot of studio experiments, ready made objects and the tactile and physical possibilities of computer animated skeches. Seemingly heavy though light weighted whings that meanwhile serve as props for the works by the invited artists. Here Riis' work is activated by - yet activates the works or objects of others, blurring and fusing concepts of autonomous sculpture, cosplay costume design, and set design.
The following artists where invited to participate in the exhibition as well:
Nathan Azhderian
Bob Eikelboom
Johan Jensen Kjeldsen
Mike Pratt
Felix Salut
Karen Sargsyan
Daniel van Straalen
Nora Turato
Bruno Zhu
Toto Boroto & The Wildflowers


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