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Echolocation Solo - Nickel van Duijvenboden

Galleries Galerie van Gelder

Planciusstraat 9 A
1013MD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 627 74 19

Open Tue - Sat / 13-17.30 hrs
+ every first Sun of the month
13-17.30 hrs

Exhibition 25 Nov — 8 Jan

Opening 25 Nov, 17-22 hrs


Nickel van Duijvenboden
‘Echolocation Solo’ is a spatial sound installation that balances spoken texts with other noises, particularly percussion. The work itself consists of an aural landscape in which speakers, tympans and earphones are positioned as sound-probes that provide the viewer with a reciprocal experience through vibrations and sound.
In this bare setting, transparency and honesty towards one’s own position are literally represented in various manners. Consecutive claps and screeches, scats and rubbings, whispers and murmurs can be heard while the artist improvises modes to connect while using and perusing his surroundings. Paraphrasing Fred Moten, when this system would not signify, it does not mean that it can not communicate or effect, produce or induce affect, protect or ensure.
The installation provides a sound-image of the artist’s personal space and considerations, with influences ranging from hip hop to musique concrčte. Sharing these with a public entails a sense of interaction, an attempt to which one can be an active witness.


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